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 Stages of Healing With BLS— Bilateral Stimulation


Stage One: Clients are eager to feel better but sometimes fear the unknown as they realize for the first time that many of their decisions and feelings in the present are being influenced by their past much more than they ever could have imagined.


Stage Two: After one or two sessions their is a bit of a fascination in how you see your mind working to expose things you never remembered feeling. You start to see that these experiences, thoughts and feelings have been holding you back in a myriad of ways. You develop the intention to surrender to the discovery of what you find there and realize as damaging as it was you don't have to stay there. Hope begins here.


Stage Three: You begin to see how your perspectives of yourself and the world are changing and therefore your behavior begins to alter.


Stage Four: This can be the most uncomfortable and may even consider stopping as your old beliefs and perspectives begin to change and even shatter. Even though they were wrong, they were your views, and it’s all you knew or understood. At this point you just allow yourself to be in this place of new discovery. Nothing in your process is ever wrong you just go along with what your mind shows you during sessions. This is your process and you can go as fast or slow as you wish.


Stage Five: A new you begins to emerge. As you move out form under the weight of guilt shame, fear, your authentic self begins to emerge.  You will see the world differently, engage with people differently, and determine how others will engage with you, which will be healthier than ever before.

EM/BLS requires honesty. You may not want to look at some of the things that come up in sessions, it is hard to admit to the abuse and neglect we suffered as children or in a marriage. However as you will acknowledge them, and feel them, you will then be FREE of them. This may take a few sessions or just one.

The inner encounters with the collective unconscious that are facilitated and accelerated by EM/BLS, must be done without intention. I have seen miraculous things happen to my clients during EM/BLS sessions as well as the processing that takes place in between. The best part about the results is that they are permanent. You won't slip back to old ways unless something new has happened in your life. The truth is what you can’t see, can hurt you. So welcome aboard, you are sure to emerge a very different person at the end, the person God meant you to be.

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