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Sharie speaks to audiences everywhere helping them understand not just how their brain works but how it is effecting them at home, work and in relationships. Her sense of humor makes the information fun and unforgetable.  


Latest Review:

Your talk was on Thursday and patrons were still talking about it on Saturday! Your program had everyone engaged from strat to finish and everone seemed to be inspired. They described you as a GREAT motivational speaker! Debbie Maynard— Director



Learning about oneself could not be more fun than listening to any one of Sharie's talks. With her unique style, wit and knowledge every talk is sure to inspire, educate and impact your life. Audiences often state, "It's as fun as watching comedy and as informative as a college lecture! It is Sharie’s deep passion for people that she finds ways to reach into souls and grab hold of what will matter to them. Sharie is not afraid to use her incredible past to inspire others. Sharie has a gift for explaining, technical, scientific, details, using humor, metaphors, and pure wisdom. Using techniques based in neuroscience  you will learn  how you can rewire your brain for happiness. Sharie is available for workshops, one on one, sessions and speaking engagements.

Public Speaker, Educator. Counselor, Trainer, Author and Artist, Sharie is a philosopher, a visionary, a riot, a role model and a beacon of light for those in the throws of mental darkness. Sharie has unquenchable thirst not to only to learn about Neuropsychology (how our brain makes us tick) but to teach it to others and has been doing so since 1985. In the 80’s, she was a sought after motivational speaker who taught high schools, and colleges. Both the kids and psychology professors gained new insight about themselves using science, wisdom and experience. In 1986 she co-produced the David Toma show on WOR for a year, working closely with David to reach teens on an international level. She then speer headed and became the director of the David Toma Center in Tecate Mexico. A rehabilitation center for those caught up in drugs and alcohol. Sharie was the only person that David Toma ever allowed to work with him in over 40 years of doing meetings.  



Sharie was at the top of her field working with David Toma touring the country and co-producing the TV Show Toma Tells it with Love. She worked as an educator, therapist and motivational speaker, when suddenly her world fell apart as she was about to embark on the toughest part of her journey yet. Diagnosed with Rapid Cycling Bi-polar Disorder in 1990 her life came to a crashing halt. For the next six years Sharie’s journey in and out of hospitals left her hopeless, tired and ready to give up. Despite her unquenchable search to learn about this disorder and seeing over 21 doctors, they were unable to find a cocktail that would give her any stability longer than a few weeks.

Between March 31st And April 3, 1996 just before giving up, a miracle transpired and Sharie was radically healed of any and all mood swings. This propelled Sharie to discover how this could happened and if there was any scientific explanation for it. It was in 1996 that neuroplasticity was confirmed and proven that our brains can change and heal itself. 



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