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Why We ALL Love Playing Make Believe

I was at a store checking out when I overheard the cashier telling a story to another customer. “I can’t believe it; she gave him everything when he had nothing, and now he is cheating on her!” She was so emotionally invested that I thought for sure she knew this couple personally. Then I heard her follow up with, “I love this book; I can’t get enough of it!” Really? Did she even realize that she was commenting on the behavior of people who did not exist? That she was getting emotional over actions that never took place except on the pages of a fictitious book? Of course she did, but when we humans invest our emotion and are moved by stories, real or not, it is as though they deserve our full attention. As entertaining as that is, it can be a detriment when you allow your problems to be seen in this exaggerated light believing that every fear is GOING to happen. There is a way to turn the light of reality on in those moments so you can stop the panic over stuff that has not even happened yet.

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