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Why Do You Do and Say Things Your Shouldn't??

There are many of these chemical messengers but today you are going to learn about the three that drive almost every decision you make! These brain chemicals are the “WHY” behind all of your behaviors, the drive behind what you call instincts and base desires. They drive almost every decision you make!

Consider these brain chemicals like a light switch in a room. Different rooms control different moods. (I know you have a lot more than three moods; I am referring to three categories of mood.) When you feel a certain way, you will be able walk down the hall and see which light went out (brain chemical) in what room—and then you will know what to do to get it turned back on.

When your brain learns that donuts can put a smile on your face or a banana split can make you feel almost euphoric, it builds networks to reinforce these behaviors so that you never forget them. Therefore, when you walk into a bakery and smell pastries or walk past the ice cream in your supermarket, your brain triggers certain brain chemicals, leading you to conclude that eating these things will be good for your survival. Your brain has been building neural networks dedicated to the eating of various tasty things since you were young.

The brain chemicals you will learn about can lead you toward or away from experiences, people, and even food. Knowing what each one does is what will give you the upper hand when you are trying to curtail a mood.

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