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Stop Being Disappointed With Your Life

Disappointment is a direct reflection of expectations. Expectations subtly sneak in, hanging around in the background. They are a result of you making subconscious decisions to expect an outcome of some sort. Becoming aware of these expectations early on is the key to avoiding these kinds of setbacks that can plague your mood all day long.

For example: after planning a weekend getaway with friends, or a great Memorial Day party you come down with the flu, which prevents you from going. You might consider that a legitimate disappointment, thinking to yourself, “Hey, you have every right to be upset here. I mean, was it too much to ask for a lousy weekend away?” Of course it wasn’t; however, you will enlarge the disappointment if you choose to see it as something being taken from you or you being robbed of fun. That will throw you into a victim mentality, feeling sorry for yourself, with grand stories behind why you got sick, why life is unfair, and why these things always happen to you. These sad stories reside in your memory and come rushing in like witnesses to a crime to prove that life is treating you unfairly. With the emotions as fresh as the day the events took place, you will feel as though every bad thing that ever happened to you is happening all over again! Which makes you feel even worse. In my book I explain how to circumvent these moments and stop disappointments from feeling like a tragedy. I will also teach you a trick to stop your brain from viewing your whole life from the angle of disappointment and missed opportunities. But in the mean time this weekend prep yourself with a real attitude of gratitude remembering that this weekend is not about a summer kick off but rather a time to show and feel gratitude for all of the men and women who have died for you and I so we can have any life we want to pursue. And if you need some tangible fuel for that gratitude just think about all the young men and women who are alive this weekend to celebrate this holiday with broken bodies that will never be the same…. let them be an example for you of how to put set backs in perspective so you don’t feel like a victim.

Be safe this weekend….

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