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Are You or Someone You Love Addicted to DRAMA?

We human beings are just like addicts, making decisions from one moment to the next based on 2 questions: What will give me the greatest amount of pleasure right now or the least amount of discomfort? Every situation—physical, emotional, or social—is fueled, directed, and regulated by the drug effect we are seeking from the brain’s own chemical pharmacy, and this pharmacy is open twenty-four hours a day! The timely release of the “feel good” chemicals in the brain underpins a healthy emotional balance.

To begin gaining control over our negative bias and redirect it toward the positive, we must understand that we humans like to make sense of our behavior. And sometimes at any cost. So for thousands of years, we have dreamed up some good reasons behind our overwhelming obsession to worry and stress out. These so-called good reasons can stand in our way until we see them for the illusions they are.

Most people believe our environment and events control our moods. Our culture teaches us that we need a reason to be happy. The myth that we can be happy only if we have a reason to be is a total lie! We carry around a deep-seated belief that there is a proper time and place to be happy, and it certainly does not exist in the middle of our problems or trials. It is as though we are an angry parent standing over ourselves, saying, “Wipe that smirk off your face; this isn’t funny!”

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