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Balance Disc by

Balance training requires some challenge to the center of gravity so that the user moves outside of the base of support.

Exercising on an unstable surface forces your body to utilize deep and middle layer stabilizer muscles normally not targeted when exercising in a more stable environment. This requires all of your mind's attention, removing it from focusing on problems. Practice for 3 minutes near an area where you can hold on to something if need be. When stable with eyes open practice closing them 5 seconds at a time while maintaining balance

Go to the work book /meditation link page and I will send you both.

By placing your attention on just one sound such as a bird or rain or even traffic but pick just one. This will begin to calm your mind down as you reel in your attention from teh surrounding environment as well as your current problems

Listening to Just One Sound

Any of these exercises will help you

begin to rewire your brain as well

as calm you down in the middle of stressful moment

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