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12 Minute Beginner Mindful/Meditation
10 Minute Meditation - Sharie Spironhi
Back to The Future - Sharie Spironhi
A Trip Back to the Future

If you are having a crummy day or week and really need a realistic slap upside the head so to speak this will help get your feet back on solid ground. Your life is so amazing but hindsight does not do it justice. So take a little trip through time and listen as you hear how yourlife is GOING to turn out. There is so much to feel good about that you have forgotten about or just lost sight of. Enjoy!

So you are ready to start this amazing journey you hear everyone talking about ...well good for you! This is not  a race or a task but a process to be enjoyed in pure awareness. There is no better way to learn about what is going through your mind that this. This guide will help you get used to sitting and  drawing your mind back into the here and now. This practice will teach your mind to "stay" here, like you would teach a puppy. Expect it to pull at the leash like any puppy would and just observe what it trys to follow.

Guided Meditations


If you read my book there are exercises that I write out for you that you might find easier to follow just by listening to me take your through it.

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