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What is Holding you Back?

Childhood Trauma








We all have stuff from our past we would love to forget, but now there is a quicker and simpler method to get past them. This #1 technique used for soldiers with PTSD, removes the "sting" and "pain" from loss, rejection, and disappointments in a fraction of the time of traditional therapies, allowing you to regain your confidence and move forward in your life. EM/BLS (Eye Movement Bilateral Stimulation) process allows for your subconscious to seek out the answer to your current problems without you having to figure it out. A learning state (similar to that of REM Sleep — Rapid Eye Movement) allows past painful experiences to be "digested" and detached from the painful emotions associated with them.

Ignoring painful events even from even our childhood never resolves the damage it caused at the time and still effects our behaviors, decisions, and relationships.

As one client in an immediate crisis recently wrote," 

Very interesting science, and it seems to have WORKED in only one session!! I'll be back to free myself from some more 'layers'."


Online therapy allows people from anywhere access this therapy. It is the delivery of mental health counseling via the Internet, using video. This is a viable alternative to those who want my counseling but don't live near me.

1) It all starts with FREE phone consultation.

2) Then we determine your goals and if you are a good candidate for online therapy sessions.

Office located in the Volusia County area

Call Today to find out more—973.809.9034 or Write Me

This therapy is very targeted and effective. I am amazed at what I hear myself saying about past traumatic and scarring events and then processing them in a way that takes the shock upset that I felt at the time out of them leaving me with the memory but not the intensity or dread that I carried before. I usually leave the session feeling that I can just dismiss 95% of the pain and knowing that I can cope with the remaining 5% rather than feeling the need to bury it or avoid similar situations or reminders at all cost.  Often  I leave with no residual upset at all and it is permanent. A truly fascinating process, I would highly recommend it.

From NJ Mom
After having both of my kids in talk therapy for years with very little progress, I was amazed at the almost instant success of this therapy.  As the kids anxiety levels decreased, so did the stress in our daily lives. They have both learned to cope with daily stresses and the frustrations that can go along with having ADHD and have taken on age appropriate responsibilities.


This technique helped me become aware of guilt and feelings of shame that stopped me from progressing in life. I was vulnerable and constantly crying. Sharie helped me overcome painful memories and incidents that created those feelings and made me question myself in everything I do. I feel more confident and a much stronger woman today.


I heard about this technique from a friend who begged me to give it a try. My childhood had plenty of pain since my father was a drunk and I have made nothing but bad choices in relationships, so I wondered if they  be connected. Well it would take a book to tell you everything I discovered about how my past was wrecking my present life...and I had NO idea! In 3 short months I was a different person! Free of my insecurities, guilt of a failed marriage, and the nagging feeling that  I needed to take care of everyone around me. My only wish was that I found this 15 years ago!


I am of middle eastern decent and come from a culture that never allows the women to "really" find their independence and feel good about themselves. Although I moved out of my country away from my family I was so plagued with guilt and shame for doing so, that I always felt like I had no confidence to excel in my profession, or relationships. Nor did I feel that I had the "right". In only 2 months I was seeing and feeling different about my whole life. I went for a total of 5 months and finally feel like my own person and have the confidence to go in any direction I want. It feels like 10 tons of pressure is off my chest, I don't know how else to explain it. I thank God for this help! M J


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