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Why We Are Wired To Worry and How Neuroscience Will Help You Fix It

Stop Stressing, Reduce Anxiety, Feel Happy, Finally!

How Science is Picking Up 

Where Evolution Left Off

Exceprt from Chapter One   ©2015 Sharie Spironhi

Don’t you want to be happy, and have less “static” in your life? Most of us are so stressed by our jobs and responsibilities, that we live for our weekends and vacations and hate the days in between. We waste precious energy trying to manage the awful feelings and physical effects from stress. It is why we overeat, crave comfort foods, drink too much, sleep too much or not enough, take risks, sleep with people we don’t know and beg our doctors for prescriptions to stop the pain. Living in this state causes all kinds of physical and mental illnesses, and wreaks havoc with our relationships. Did you know surveys have shown many people are less happy than cancer patients and people in wheelchairs? In the absence of these difficulties we should be waking up every morning singing to Pharrell Williams’ song “Because I’m Happy.” Americans spend almost $700 million a year in self-help books. The titles are varied from becoming a better communicator, parent or spouse to losing weight. Categorically we can define our intentions to either feel better, act better or be better together with the common goal—— to be happier by reducing our stress level in some way.


Sharie's new book takes you on a journey into your mind explaining many of the mysteries that have been exposed and explained by science over the last five years. No longer wondering why you do many of the things you do, you will understand why and will have viable simple ways of controlling behaviors, patterns of thought and negative biases that have been in place for most of your life. Using the workbook portion you will uncover deep seated beliefs you didn't even know you had, and be able to measure your growth so can see your mind rewiring itself to give you a much more positive outlook.






Excerpt from "Why We Are Wired to Worry" Finally you can stop and finally get off the Worry-Go-Round™ Your brain is programed to believe that impending doom is around every corner due to an outdated evolutionary trait that helped ancient humans survive. But in present day this program is not only obsolete but it is making us sick! If you have ever been kept awake a night as your mind conjured up fears of sickness, deaths of loved ones, financial crisis, and car wrecks, you know what I mean.You will learn how to stop the urge to get upset simply because your boss is annoyed at you or you are stuck in traffic. You will learn how to redirect your brains distorted perception of problems using easy-to-follow, proven techniques. You will learn how to implement a targeted program that will stop your stress response in its tracks, leaving you calmer, stronger and happier. You will finally have the control over your moods and behaviors that you have been seeking. You will replace feeling, vulnerable, exhausted and joyless with a brand new positive outlook that will change your life.Packed with the latest groundbreaking scientific  discoveries, you’ll come to understand how three neurochemicals and the brain’s amygdala drive all of your behaviors, habits, passions, and attitudes. You will learn how a good mood is increased by triggering these three neurochemicals. The workbook is filled with self-probing questions and exercises where you’ll make critical discoveries about your own beliefs and thought patterns and make big strides toward being happy in only a few minutes a day allowing you to see concrete lasting results in just two to four weeks!Imagine you are driving down a barren road when your car suddenly stops working just as you are passing a lone gas station. You know how to drive your car but you never learned about how it works because you didn’t think you needed to. You coast into the station because you know you are suppose to put some kind of gas into the tank and assume maybe that is what it needs. There is a red light lit up on the dash, but since you have no idea what it means, you ignore it, put diesel fuel in your little sports car and drive away until your car makes weird noises and stops dead in the middle of nowhere. Hard to believe anyone would drive around in a car with little to no understanding of its’ basic functioning. Makes you wonder who let them do that, didn’t they want to know more about their vehicle? Sad to say this is the way most people treat that 3 pound mass above their neck. We know the basic functions, and to keep it running we feed it pretty much anything, disregarding the consequences. We walk around oblivious to the signs that it is in trouble until it is too late. We believe if we can just figure out the “right recipe” of behaviors, diet and sleep, our emotions will stabilize leaving us in a good mood most days. Well that is like getting into your car, putting the radio on and expecting to keep the same station after driving 300 miles! That signal will change, pick up other frequencies, drop out completely and pull in annoying static. Somehow we just assume being happy should come naturally if we do the “right things” and nothing could be further from the truth. It is time human beings learn the basic fundamentals of how our brain, the most sophisticated machine in the universe works. You will learn 4 main terms that may be new to you that will explain 98% of your behavior.

      "I am only half way through Sharie's new book and already I can feel a big shift in my thinking! Finally something that actually works with just a little effort."


Kara G.


      "For me the most powerful experience was using the technique to tie positive emotions to a painful memory. I won't go into details but trust me this technique works!"




Find Yours


The importance of having purpose in your life can’t be over stated and for good reason. Scientific studies have proven time and time again that the happiest people in the world are those who feel they have a purpose. That can be in the world, your town, your family, or in any organization where you feel needed or counted on. When that wanes, even in the course of a day, it can leave you experiencing a low grade misery. To the degree that you feel you make a difference, will be the degree that you will feel happy.


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