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Did you know you have between 60k-70k thoughts a day and that most of them are negative? Did you know just imagining a crisis is the same to your brain and body as actually living through one? Many of us live each day anxious, nervous, unsure of ourselves, frustrated and pissed off!  All because worrying gives us a false sense of productivity but then leaves us with a feeling of helplessness!      It's NOT your fault it is your default!


You really can change, but you need to know why your brain operates this way in order to fix it. In my new book, using everyday language metaphores and humor you will have a clearer understanding of your brain and more control over how it reacts to life in just 3 weeks.

     "Working with Sharie changed the way I see everyday problems. It took about a month but one day my boss had an attitude that normally would have thrown me for the whole day but now I was barely phased. I can't even put a price on that."


Kathleen R.

Loving the book and laughing

Message: So I'm loving this book why we are wired to worry and telling everyone about it. Thank you for the work you do in the world I'm so grateful. I love the way you deliver this message and am excited to get the information out to my women's group ! 


Lisa H.


What People are Saying

      I am so different than I was just 6 months ago it is hard to explain it. I don't think about what is NOT happening anymore. NO longer do I fear what my day can bring becuase my mood is compeltelu up to me now!


Charles T..

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